Download Kerala PSC 10th Level Preliminary Previous Question Papers PDF

The 10th Level Preliminary Examination conducted by Kerala PSC is the first step towards getting a job in the Kerala Government Services. Kerala psc has been conducting preliminary examinations since 2021. In this page, we have collected and shared all the available Kerala PSC 10th Level Preliminary Exam Question Papers . You can download each previous question paper and the answer key in pdf format. Click on the below list to download question papersIt consists of three examinations namely 10th level, 12th level, and degree level. The 10th Level Preliminary Examination 2022 was held in various phases. The rank list is published after the marks have been subjected to the process of normalization as the 10th Level Preliminary Examination has been conducted in various stages.

Download 10th Prelims 2021 Solved Question Papers

We know Kerala psc has introduced prelims examination since 2021. The first 10th level prelims conducted by Kerala psc is in the year 2021 during the pandemic. We collected all the question papers from each phase of 10th prelims 2021 and you can download each of the question paper along with its answer key in pdf format.

PhaseQuestion Paper
Phase 1 (20/02/2021)Download
Phase 2 (25/02/2021)Download
Phase 3 (06/03/2021)Download
Phase 4 (13/03/2021)Download
Phase 5 (03/07/2021)Download
10th Level Preliminary 2021 All Phase Question Paper and Answer Key

Download 10th Prelims 2022 Solved Question Papers

Kerala PSC 10th level preliminary examination 2022 is started on 15 May 2022, Examination is conducted through multiple phases, the first phase of 10th level preliminary is held on 15/05/2022. The question paper for the first phase of the preliminary exam can be downloaded from our website. The answer key will be uploaded soon. This may not be the official and final answer key provided by the Kerala PSC.

PhaseQuestion PaperAnswer Key
Phase 1 (15/05/2022)DownloadDownload
Phase 2 (28/05/2022)DownloadDownload
Phase 3 (11/06/2022)DownloadDownload
Phase 4 (19/06/2022)DownloadDownload
Phase 5 (02/07/2022)DownloadDownload
Phase 6 (16/07/2022)DownloadDownload
10th Level Preliminary 2022 All Phase Question Paper and Answer Key

The overall examination pattern is changed by the commission from the 2022 sslc level common preliminary exam. Most of the questions were statement type in the 10th level preliminary exam this year. So we can expect the same thing in degree level prelims examination.

Collecting the previous question papers is the best way to understand the question pattern and mark distribution for the degree preliminary exam. Also, candidates can get a clear idea of the difficulty level of the 10th level preliminary exams. Kerala psc examinations are nowadays started to copy SSC and UPSC question patterns in quality and the difficulty level of the questions. This is happening because of the huge competition in the government job field.

Every candidate who aims for the 10th level prelims exam should collect the syllabus of the examination since it is very important to prepare for the prelims. You can download the exam syllabus of 10th level prelims here. The answer key provided on this website is not an authorized answer key published by the Kerala public service commission. You can visit the official website of Kerala psc in order to match the answer key.

Candidates are advised to go through the syllabus and the previous questions of the 10th level preliminary exam. This will make you aware of what to study, how big is the prelims syllabus, also candidates should learn ncert text books and some UPSC-based books.

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